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Luceco GU10 3W - LGN3W21/3-LE - Natural White - 3 Pack LED - 210 Lumens - 25000hrs, 38º beam angle, 25 Year life, Non dimming, Will retrofit any current GU10 Halogen lamp, True halogen appearance and perfect fit, Using the latest LED technology, 10 times lifetime versus halogen, 90% energy saving versus halogen, Retail Box, 1 year warranty
The Luceco GU10 LED Bulb has a true halogen appearance and a perfect fit. They use the latest LED technology and provide up to 85% energy saving and 10 times the lifetime compared to halogen bulbs. Energy saving LED lamps provide the same look as a conventional lamp, but with massive savings. Replace one or replace all, LED lamps can be fitted alongside existing lamps.
• True halogen appearance and perfect fit
• 90% energy saving versus halogen
• 10 times lifetime versus halogen
• Using the latest LED technology
• Will retrofit any current GU10 Halogen lamp
• Natural white
• 210 Lumens
• Wattage: 3 watt
• 25 Year life*
• Non dimming
• Dimensions: 50mm (Diameter) x 50mm (Height)
• Beam Angle: 38º
• CRI: >80*
* The higher the CRI, the better the visual perception of colors. CRI is related to color temperature, in that the CRI measures for a pair of light sources can only be compared if they have the same color temperature.
* Average use 3 hours a day. Low energy consumption. 

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